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Products & Services

Advanced Lightning Protection - Products and Services

ALP specializes in many areas

  • Design, supply and installation of lightning protection and earthing systems, complying with the relevant codes of practice and specifications
  • Full consultancy services including certification
  • Risk Analysis in accordance with relevant codes of practice
  • Soil resistivity surveys and earth testing
  • Lightning and surge / overvoltage protection – all types of systems
  • Specialised earthing systems
  • Maintenance of existing protection systems
  • Inspection & testing for insurance purposes
  • Supply of lightning protection materials and products including surge arresters
  • Annual inspection or audit of the earthing and lightning protection systems
  • Safety Equipment / Arc Fault Protection – safety equipment that ensures safe work on electrical installations of power supply systems, electric railways and industrial plants


Design & Installation

Advanced Lightning Protection will advise the client on the correct installation for their requirements, for lightning protection and earthing, in accordance with the relevant local and international standards.

Each installation is designed specifically to the unique requirement of the structure, such as hazardous areas, electronic process control, local lightning conditions, corrosiveness of ground etc, as well as aesthetics.

Our company has fully equipped installation teams, who comply with relevant codes of practice and our strict quality control. Our quality control has been developed to ensure that the protection systems as designed are installed accordingly and are fully operative at handover. All materials are manufactured to the relevant codes of practice.

We design, supply and install protection systems for all industries including:

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